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    The Russian-Ukrainian war has killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers. As it grinds on, and as Russia continues to strike Ukrainian cities with missiles, bombs and drones, there is a growing weariness among many Ukrainians, who are exhausted by fear and grief and struggle to see an end to the conflict.

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    Protecting military trainers in the event they're deployed back into Ukraine is the top consideration for Canadian defence planners as France steps up pressure on allies to join its training initiative, Canada's top military commander says.

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    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads to Switzerland today for a peace summit as Ukraine's president works to shore up his country's defence by securing more international support.

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    The Royal Canadian Navy now finds itself in the unusual position of both shadowing Russian warships as a threat in the Caribbean and sharing an anchorage with them as a guest in the port of Havana after Canada accepted an invitation to send a patrol ship to Cuba while the Russian navy is in town.